Functions – Gb over IP

SGSN9810 support both Gb over FR and Gb over IP.
-In 3GPP, it specify the Network Service (NS) layer can be carried by a frame relay network or an IP network.
-In a Gb over IP network, a NS-VC is defined by  a quadruple consisting of the SGSN IP address, SGSN UDP port number, BSS IP address, and BSS UDP port number. 

Functions – Differential Service
The differential service enables operators to define priorities for subscribers in which resources are controlled  depending on users priorities.
Subscribers are grouped into three classes according to their priorities:
-Special subscribers
-High-end subscribers
-Common subscribers
Operators can offer different services to different subscribers through the following two methods:
-Specifies the threshold of  MM  resources usage to limit the attach and routing area update (RAU) of some subscribers.
-Specifies the threshold of SM resources to limit certain services (PDP contexts) of some subscribers. 
Functions - Handover Strategy Control
The handover strategy control helps operators in distributing traffic and balancing service load between 2G networks and 3G networks.
This function is applicable to the 2G and 3G supportive terminals that are allowed to access 2G/3G network.
When a terminal is in a 3G network,. The handover strategies include:
-Handover to 2G network recommended
-Handover to 2G network not recommended
-Stay in the 3G network
When a terminal is in a 2G network,. The handover strategies include:
-Handover to 3G network recommended
-Handover to 3G network not recommended
-Stay in the 2G network

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